Friday, August 31, 2007

An Update

Alright, I think there are a lot of stuffs that is not going to come up. But I'll still tell about it no matter how.

Alright, the person that I talked to yesterday was Mr. Gilbert Chai. Graduated from St. Michael's Institution in 1959. He came back recently to Ipoh and came to the school as an old boy. The reason, just to take a look at the school. As all of us said, once a Michaelian, always a Michaelian. I guess that was right from the early days of St. Michael's.

So, what was the recording about? Sorry to say, the recording that I made using my digital camera was really noisy, and messed up. I can't figure out a way to clean it up even after noise removal and hiss removal, everything seems to be bad.

Here's it. I was at Mr. Peter Khiew's office. My exams was over, and I went back to school just to see what is new and what old relics has been found after the restoration of the roof. I did find something that is really interesting. It was posted in Peter's blog. So go check it out. I think not all of us have seen it.

As I've stayed there for about 15 minutes, a middled age man turned up. I don't think that's the right description then. But that's what I thought of. I was guessing he is over 50 years old. But after calculation, he's 65! Just a wild guess Mr. Gilbert, please forgive me if I'm wrong. As then, the conversation sparked up, I tried to record it, but it seems like it failed me.

Mr. Peter Khiew started of to ask Mr. Gilbert to be at school in the morning of 30th August. To give a talk about Merdeka and to be an inspiration to the students (to be even more connected to the school). Gilbert who has lived in Singapore for the last 40 years insisted that he cannot confirm if he can attend the event. We went on talking about girls from Convent (Form 6 intake) as he still recalls the best beauty in SMI are always from our sister school, Main Convent. Apart from that, did talk about the divide that still exist in our country. He was concerned to keep his speech into a message to minimise the divide. But he went on to say "It's 50 years of Merdeka, enjoy it as not all countries in the world are enjoying 50 years of independence" That was all that we did talk about.

After all that talk, Mr. Peter Khiew took me and Mr. Gilbert Chai for a walk around the school. As I've known the school, there are parts that I've never been to before. For example, the right wing (from the front) of the school on the top floor of the main building. There lies the Brother's Quarters and the Chapel. The school is currently refurbishing the chapel and also the Brother's Quarters to become classes for the new Form 6 boys and girls. I bet they will be very happy about it.

There are good news to all of us as Michaelians, the school are going to bring back the Friday Mass in the chapel (Top floor). There will be hymns and prayers and so on. I think the Catholic and Christian society in the school will play a big role. I bet Brother Vincent will be there every Friday as well. Apart from the Muslim prayers by the mosque next to the school, and the Ipoh town mosque, I think that should add something new to the school's presence, and tradition.

After all that walking, I took Mr. Gilbert to the library. I was a librarian back in my days. Never thought of see the library again in my life. Much has changed. New shelves, a new study area, a fully functional network, but not fully functional computers (I need to start looking for a way to earn good money and donate some good computers). At least, there is a place where multimedia can be viewed (I hope noting inappropriate).

After the stroll. It's time for me to head home and so does Mr. Gilbert.

We part from here. And I do hope to see him again.

OMA annual dinner is this September. Check out the OMA blog for more information.


ArchDyeu said...

Wow.... has things changed so much??
How much have i missed since i was of to KL?

Memories in this school as a Michaelian will never perish, it itself is a relic in one's heart.

I'll come back for a visit one day, soon......

p/s: Budak, check your spelling man, "St. Micheal's"??

ellithy said...
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