Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back To School, for a walk.

I've got a great privilage to speak to an actual alumni, an old Michaelian that graduated from SMI in the year 1959.

I'm still figuring out the audio recording that I've recorded. Once I'm done with it, I'll make sure that I post it up here, for everyone to listen.

Some update about the school's roof, It's done!


And some places where the only place that I've been to for the first time. The Brother's Quarters, and the Chapel on second floor of the main building.

More updates to come. Watch this space.

Edit: I'm going through the audio recording that I've recorded. I think it won't be coming up. I'll try to make a transcript of it.


Peter Khiew said...

To have old boys coming back to visit the alma mater brings cheers to those in school. Today the school welcomed home four old boys. This year, we had quite a handful of them visiting the school and come Sept 29, we expect a batch of 40 from the KL Alumni. Continue to network.

Peter Khiew said...

Please correct the "Michelians" to Michaelians. A good site.