Monday, March 3, 2008

Kicking off the Podcast for the School!

Latest update about that. I'll be kicking the podcast for the school really soon. I've just talked to Mr. Peter Khiew about it with my podcasting partner in crime earlier today. Anything that you have to ask about the school, leave a comment. I'll be sure to forward them to Mr. Khiew and get updates from him.

Of course, if you do have anything to ask Brother Vincent about, do leave your questions here as well in the comment. To all the Young Michaelians out there who've just left the school, keep in touch. As the school is where you spent at least 2 years to about 13 years of your life in it. A good portion.

Hope that everybody responds to this blog posting and make the first podcast as interesting as possible.

1 comment:

jim said...

Who's Peter Khiew? Sounds familiar to me. Chun Hao, do secondary school need podcast? o.0?